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Buying, selling or leasing rural property

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We know there are a wide range of challenges and opportunities within the agricultural and rural business sector. We can guide you through buying/selling farms, forestry and fishings, agricultural holdings issues, farming partnerships, succession planning, dispute resolution and diversification of rural businesses, including into the renewables sector.


Buying and selling farms and rural properties can be complex. Unexpected issues often arise when , due diligence work is undertaken e.g., boundaries not quite aligning with what is occupied, or the property being subject to designations or existing grant schemes. Our experienced team is here to help guide you through this process and is committed to finding practical solutions to any such issues. This holistic approach may include discussing whether you need to consider tax and succession planning advice when you are taking title to a property and working with your other advisers including accountants and land agents. Our team is experienced in dealing with the financing/ re-financing of rural property transactions and acting for lenders as well as purchasers.

Agricultural Holdings

Agricultural tenancies are a hot topic and Viktoria has many years of experience assisting landlords and tenants to find a mutually agreed solution whether in relation to ongoing management of agricultural holdings or when disputes arise. Our team has experience in dealing with all aspects of agricultural holding, including succession to agricultural tenancies, drafting new leases, dealing with issues arising in relation to existing tenancies, resumption from tenancies, diversification on agricultural holdings and reviewing arrangements to determine what sort of tenancy may be in place.

Succession Planning

Farmers never retire – they just go to seed.

Whilst the old adage is true of the 80% of farmers who never fully retire, when you are taking stock, possibly thinking about winding down and the next generation becoming involved in your farming business, our team is here to guide you. You may want to consider admission to the partnership or carving up the land between family members; all have important points to consider, and we are here at the end of the phone even if it is just for an initial chat to discuss your situation. Our rural team works closely with our Private Client team to ensure that valuable IHT reliefs are considered, that the existing structure of your business accords with the details of your will and that issues such as legal rights are considered. Where farming partnerships are concerned, we regularly advise on reviewing and adjusting existing partnership agreements and putting in place new written partnership agreements, where necessary.

Voluntary Registration

Where title to your property is not already registered in the Land Register of Scotland, submitting a voluntary registration application can protect your ownership. Benefits include clarifying boundaries and the extent of owned property and simplifying future dealings with the property. Our team can assist at every step of the process, from a brief discussion to see whether you would benefit to preparing and submitting an application on your behalf.

The sectors we work with

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