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Planning for the Future

Banner Inheritance Tax Planning

The law empowers individuals to minimise their Inheritance Tax bill as much as possible. We utilise the law to help keep your Inheritance Tax bills as low as possible, ensuring assets built up over a generation are protected for families.

Your starting point is gathering details of your your assets and finances ahead of an initial meeting so you have a rough idea of your worth. Many in the North East find they are worth more than they expected, having built up wealth over a generation. There are generous tax-free allowances and reliefs which we can utilise to reduce your Inheritance Tax liability. Also give consideration to who you wish your beneficiaries to be.

Where there is an Inheritance Tax liability our Wealth Management team can put in place policies to help fund and reduce any Inheritance Tax.

Reach out and speak to our experienced team, who will listen to you and provide practical advice and can assist you to implement your decisions.

Our Services

  • Succession planning
  • Estate planning

The sectors we work with

  • Agricultural

  • Charities & Third Sector

  • Landed Estates