At Burnett & Reid we want to set ourselves apart as a great place to work for professionals at all stages of their careers.


We believe that skilled and hard working employees are our most important asset, and seek to promote a culture of value.


We are always interested to hear from talented individuals, so please do get in touch if you think you may fit in with our approach.


We don't just talk about having a good work / life balance, we make it a reality.


We don't believe employees should be forced into working far more than their contracted hours, as a matter of normal practice.


As such we set our targets at levels which are both realistic and achievable, whilst offering a range of benefits to reward those who perform beyond expectations.


We want to create a working environment where people feel genuinely valued and well rewarded for their work.


During 2019 we are going to be rolling out a range of employee benefits for many of our professional staff which are intended to set us apart from the competition, including:

  • up to 39 days holiday

  • up to 50% annual bonus

  • flexible and remote working options

  • pension contributions

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