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Putting in a place a Power of Attorney is the first step to ensuring your family or friends have the legal authority to manage your affairs if you lose capacity. Remember: anyone of any age can lose capacity.

A Power of Attorney is a written document which provides authority to a person(s) to manage your affairs, in consultation with you, for your benefit.

You should consider who would be best placed to manage your affairs. Consider whether they can manage their own affairs successfully. Appointing all your children as co-Attorneys may not be best option if they do not get on well. Consideration should also be given to how incapacity is to be determined (do you want a doctor’s certificate of incapacity to be required?) and whether your Attorneys should have to agree on everything, or can they act independently too?

After you have given some thought to these questions, why not contact our experienced team, who can sit with you and talk through your plans and advise how best to implement them.

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