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An up-to-date Will is the first step to ensuring that your preferred beneficiaries inherit your estate. Otherwise, legislation decides who will inherit your estate. Do you really want your third cousin once removed inheriting your estate?

You should consider who you wish to wind up your estate, who is to inherit your assets, consider how much you are worth, whether your have any funeral instructions and if you have children under 16, then who should look after your children if you and their other biological parent were both to pass away before they reach the age of 16.

A Will is your instructions after you have passed away, it should be reviewed throughout your lifetime, particularly at key milestones in your life to consider if you would like to refresh any of your instructions.

Whether you are instructing the drafting of your first Will or looking to refresh your instructions, our experienced team can listen, advise and assist you to draft your Will or prepare a Codicil (update to your previous Will).

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