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Property boundary issues?

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Issues may arise with the boundaries to your property for many reasons. You may discover that your property boundary is not where you thought, a fence or wall has been moved, a neighbour is encroaching on your property, the Title Deeds to your property do not match what is occupied on the ground, or existing title plans are too old to show sufficient detail for modern land registration purposes.

It can also come to light that rights relating to services or access rights which benefit your property are not sufficiently documented in the Title Deeds. These situations may require corrective conveyancing or further supporting documentation, particularly if you wish to sell your property.

In all these situations, our team can give you advice and assist you to clarify and rectify the position.

Our Services

  • Boundary issues
  • Access and water rights

The sectors we work with

  • Agricultural

  • Infrastructure

  • Landed Estates